Why Do We Need MSME Registration?

The government of India by various schemes, subsidies and incentives try to promote MSME through MSMED act. To get the benefits that come under this act from the central and the state government or the banking sector, MSME Registration is required to be done. The MSME Registration however has its own criteria for being eligible for its registration.

MSME Registration Eligibility?

•  You can apply for MSME registration if you fulfill one or multiples of the following criteria or are associated with the following, such as if:-
•  You are a sole proprietor (exclusive owner of a business)
•  You belong to or are part of Hindu Undivided Family.
•  You work as or have a partnership firm with another party in an association.
•  You are just a one person company
•  You have a limited liability partnership
•  You have a private limited company
•  You have a production company that produces materials.
•  You work in an association with other persons.
•  You have co-operative societies

Documents Required for MSME Registration Process

•  Pan Card of the proprietor/ all the partners/all the directors
•  Aadhar Card of the proprietor/all the partners/all the directors
•  Proof of ownership of premises such as allotment letter/possession letter/lease agreement/property tax receipt.
•  If rented premises Rent agreement and NOC from landlord along with supporting by the landlord ownership.
•  Copy of sale bill of each end product
•  Copy of purchase bill of each raw material purchased
•  Partnership Deed
•  Copy of Memorandum and Articles of association in case of Private Limited Company along with Board’s Resolution authorizing the director to sign the application
•  Copy of Industrial License as obtained under Industrial Development and Regulation Act,1951
•  An affidavit of Rs. 10/-non judicial stamp paper duly attested by Notary Public affixed providing the status of machinery installed, power requirement etc.
•  Purchase bill of machinery installed
•  Bank Account Statement

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